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Eaton Hall is a beloved mansion located in King City, Ontario, built for Lady Eaton in the late 1930s. Constructed on a 700-acre land, the Eaton family acquired the farmland in the 1920s as per their friend Sir Henry Pellett's recommendation, who owned the Mary Lake property (commonly known as Casa Loma).

Eaton Hall was designed by architects Peter L. Allward and George Roper Gouinlock. By 1939, Eaton Hall was complete. Used mainly for family gatherings, Eaton Hall was cherished by the entire family.

During World War II, Eaton Hall was converted into a hospital and rehabilitation centre for the Royal Canadian Navy, serving injured seamen.

After Lady Eaton passed away in 1970, the land was sold to Seneca College. Its purpose on campus in 1971 was to be the administrative office facility. In 1977, a new administrative facility was built for the college and Eaton Hall became a Management Development Centre until 1991 when it became a public Hotel and Conference Centre.

Presently, happily welcomes Eaton Hall into its prestigious list of event Spaces. Eaton Hall sits at the thrown of luxury immersed in beautiful greenery and landscapes, with a unique and picturesque feel. Eaton Hall is the perfect location to host any special event and momentous occasion.


13990 Dufferin St,
King City, ON L7B 1B3

Tel: 416-356-5342

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Eaton Hall Country House



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