Big Doug’s Texas BBQ







There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a perfectly seasoned piece of meat and the best thing is Doug knows how to do it.

No matter how you spell it when the vast majority of folks think of barbecue, they think of firing up their backyard grill until red hot and slapping down a steak or pork chops, searing it to get some nice grill marks and voila! There is much more than that and Doug has mastered this technique and his savoury recipes are definitely smoking!

True Texas-style barbecue goes beyond the average barbecue fare of steaks and drumsticks to create an art form that instills a flavour and tenderness on less popular or more difficult cuts that will never be achieved using the standard grilling method. It is not something that you just do on a whim or when in a hurry to eat. It takes patience and lots of trial and error to perfect the flavours and techniques. However, once you do, cooking up a perfect brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, or just about any other cut of meat, becomes second nature.




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Sunderland, ON

Tel: 905-715-3138

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Big Doug's Texas BBQ

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