Why You Should Start Planning Your Christmas Party in the Summer

The temperatures outside are scorching and the last thing you are thinking about are sweaters, Christmas trees or parties. While you may think the best time to plan is after Thanksgiving, you can actually create the holiday party of the year if you start early.

The sooner you start working on your Christmas party plans, the more options you will have. From entertainment to invitations to even creating your invitee list; by the time the holidays roll around, all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy your planning efficiency.

What Tasks to Take Care of in the Summer

While you may not be able to send out the invitations, there is plenty you can accomplish while the weather is warm - and no one else is thinking about holiday parties. Just some things you can take care of include:

  • Setting the Budget and Sticking To It - Because you are starting early, you not only have time to define your budget, but you will be able to shop around with your budget in mind.
  • Booking Your Christmas Party DJ - If you wait too long, the best Christmas party entertainment will be taken. Summer is the perfect time to get the DJ you want, and you may even get access to special pricing for booking off-season.
  • Party Venue - If your holiday bash is a corporate one or just an event you do not want to host at home, then summer is the time to book your venue. Why compete with all the last-minute planners in the fall and winter? Book early!
  • Line Up Other Vendors - Vendors for party props and rentals will be booked come December. If you book in the summer, you can get the vendors you want without last-minute high prices. From caterers to photographers and even service staff, summer is the perfect time to scoop up quality vendors before they are gone.

Planning Early Means You Have More Time for the Details

The earlier you start, the more time you have to find party ideas and make them work. Instead of doing the been-there-done-that type of Christmas party, try something new like:

  • A Funky Christmas Theme - Make your Christmas event a themed party, such as the Ugly Sweater Party or Cookie Exchange. These work great for office and private parties alike.
  • Foreign Festive Fare - You can take your Christmas party across the globe and feature different festivities and food from countries around the world. Teach your party guests or co-workers about how other countries experience Christmas; everyone will have a lot of fun!

The most important part about planning early is getting the entertainment DJ you want. BobHawkins.com offers DJ services for private and corporate Christmas parties. With our social events package, you get everything from an event emcee to special effects and of course, great music.

We provide DJ services and other arrangements for private parties. Contact us today to learn more about our Christmas party entertainment services.

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