Understanding the Costs Involved With Hiring a Professional DJ

Hiring a professional DJ for your next event is a lot more affordable than you might realize. While the price tag of a professional DJ versus doing it yourself may not seem that way, once you break down the cost and the services you get for that cost, you will see just how much it saves you.

Why Hire a Disc Jockey?

When you have a family member or friend handling the music for your event, there are a lot of "unknowns". You do not know what music will be played, if the equipment will work or even whether that individual you put in charge will monitor the music the entire time during the event.

Hiring a professional DJ means you have someone with the right equipment, experience and knowledge to provide you with the music you want. You will get the quality you expect at your event. Most importantly, an experienced disc jockey will take away those "unknowns", so you can rest easy and enjoy your event. An established DJ will also have a CONNECT music license, be a member of professional DJ associations, and have the references to back their pricing.

The Cost of Hiring a Professional DJ

DJs may charge hourly or a flat rate for the event. With that price comes a lot more than you might realize, including:

  • Professional Equipment - Renting your own equipment could cost several hundred dollars for your event. When you hire a professional DJ, their price includes the necessary equipment and it is professional-grade.
  • Customized Music List - A disc jockey service will take the time to schedule a consultation and planning session with you. They will create a customized music list that suits your guests and your own preferences.
  • Emcee Services - DJs are there to play music, but also offer emcee services as part of their rate. That means you will not only have someone playing the music, but announcing what is next and keeping your event on schedule.
  • Unique Services - Most DJs offer additional services that can be added into your package, such as karaoke, lighting or special effects.

Hiring a professional DJ comes for a price, but considering what you get for the cost, it is well worth it. You can save yourself the hassle of organizing music for your event and not have to worry about last minute surprises and disappointment.

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