Tips for Picking Songs for Your Wedding

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is selecting your wedding music. It is a time that you and your soon-to-be spouse can sit down, think about the songs you love and create your own unique wedding theme from the tunes you select.

How to Select Your Wedding Music

Before solidifying your playlist, you may want to speak with a wedding disc jockey. A DJ will be able to offer input, but also you can then go over a few details to help pick a better-rounded playlist. A few things to keep in mind while you are picking your songs include:

  • Religious and Cultural Requests - If you are having a religious ceremony or cultural-specific wedding - such as a Greek, Jewish or even Italian wedding, go over those details with your DJ. Certain songs are traditionally played at certain times of the wedding, such as The Horah during the Jewish wedding.
  • Select Your Special Songs - As a couple, you may have a song or two that is special to you. These songs should be given to your DJ as the songs you want played during your couple’s dance or even when you enter the reception hall.
  • Pick Your Playlist - You do not have to give your DJ every single song you want played, but you should definitely mention a few songs. Even the best wedding DJs need an idea of your preferences and most importantly, the type of music you do not want played at the wedding. A professional DJ will gauge the vibe of your audience and play music accordingly while staying within your preferences.

Working with the best wedding DJs in Toronto can make your wedding the event of the year. Make sure to go with a professional that has a reputation for excellence in the wedding industry. offers high quality professional wedding entertainment that suits your preferences and helps you personalize your wedding.

Work with our professional wedding producers to create a customized wedding playlist that makes your wedding unforgettable.

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