Should You Hire Professional Wedding DJ Services Or Go DIY?

You know you want your guests to enjoy dancing at your wedding, but should the music be arranged by a professional disc jockey or should you DIY it? Music is an integral component of your wedding and it can set the tone of your entire reception. Deciding whether or not to hire professional wedding DJ services comes down to your budget and along with a few important considerations.

Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ

If you are thinking about hiring a professional disc jockey, here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Hiring a Pro

  • Your DJ will help motivate your guests to get them on the dance floor.
  • You can be as involved as you want when it comes to music selection or just leave it to the pro.
  • The DJ can read the crowd and adapt the music to the moment unlike preprogramed DIY playlists.
  • The DJ will assist you in keeping your evening on schedule and alert you when it is time for certain wedding-related tasks (this will include the bouquet toss and cutting your cake).
  • A wedding DJ has experience, so you will not have to worry about technical difficulties.
  • Professional DJs have specialized equipment to ensure your music sounds great.

Cons of Hiring a Pro

  • It costs money, which may mean you have to wiggle something in the wedding budget to make it work.

Doing It Yourself

Perhaps the majority of your wedding is DIY, so you may think doing the music yourself or assigning it to a family member should not be a huge issue.

Pros of Doing It Yourself (or Having a Family Member Do It)

  • You save money in the wedding budget for other things.
  • You are in complete control of the music because you can create and use your own playlist at the wedding.
  • You can have a family member (or two) operate your IPod and run your playlist for you on the day of your wedding.

Cons of Doing It Yourself

  • Creating a wedding playlist is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than it seems.
  • A lot can go wrong. From the iPod not working to equipment failure or an inappropriate song playing, you do not have a lot of control when doing it yourself. Also, the wrong song could play at the wrong time, such as the wrong song for the couple’s first dance and wedding special.
  • Asking a family member to take on this job means they will not get to enjoy the wedding and essentially are working guests.
  • You will not have a professional there to entertain you and your guests, and at the same ensure everything is organized properly and even liven up the crowd.
  • The professional will also be comfortable in making announcements and acting as your emcee if required as they perform the duties on a regular basis

A disc jockey may seem like a significant cost, but when you compare the pros and cons and consider the amount of money you are investing on your wedding day, it just makes sense to hire a professional. Make your wedding a memorable one by hiring a professional wedding DJ services. To learn more about the unique services has to offer contact us for a quote and you will receive one of our No Obligation Wedding Package.