Planning a Boat Party? Book Your Disc Jockey Services Early!

Organizing the perfect boat party takes time and effort. Whether you are sailing down the lake Ontario or taking a boat cruise down the St. Lawrence River, you will need to prepare well in advance. Remember to book the DJ for your party and organize your rental party props well in advance.

How to Ensure the Perfect Boat Party

Boat parties are one of the most unique types of parties you can host and to ensure you do it right, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should plan a boat party at least a month in advance; especially if you have to rent a boat. Once you are ready to plan, here are a few things you need to complete before the big event:

  • Pick a Theme - Just because you are on a boat does not mean you need to limit your creativity. Find a theme that suits the boat ride; such as pirates, under the sea, Finding Nemo-style whale wash, etc. Themes can help you bring together the right décor and even select the right food and entertainment.
  • Reserve a Boat Before Creating Your Guest List - Boats have passenger limitations; therefore, it is best if you book your boat before you create your guest list. That way you do not run the risk of inviting more people than the boat can handle. Get the passenger limits from the boat service; some boats can hold less than 12, while others can hold over 100.
  • Consider Catering - Serving food on the open water takes skill and a lot of preparation. Save yourself the hassle and consider hiring a caterer. If you are serving a full meal, make sure the boat you are renting has an adequate galley size for the caterers to cook and prepare in. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to finger foods and cocktails.
  • Make Entertainment Your Top Priority - Hiring disc jockey services should be at the top of your to-do list. A DJ for your boat party can help bring it to life, complement your theme and keep the party going, especially if you are taking a longer boat tour. A DJ can also provide party props, such as photo booths, lighting and special effects.

Entertainment DJs are plenty, but the calibre of DJ you hire will determine the success of your party. is a professional DJ service that provides excellent entertainment and party props for private parties, including boat parties.

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