Ideas for Hosting a Themed Corporate Christmas Party

Most party-goers love themed parties. They are fun and give attendees an opportunity to do something different and exciting. For your next company Christmas party, consider having a theme so that everyone can have a great time. By starting the planning process early, you will give yourself enough time to think up a creative theme. You can also arrange for event lighting, party props and party entertainment instead of scrambling at the last minute.

Tips for a Themed Christmas Party

Because this is a company-hosted event, you have to be particularly careful not to pick a theme that may offend anyone. Some popular theme ideas for corporate parties may include:

  • Hawaiian Luaus
  • Western
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Film Awards Party
  • Disco
  • Roaring 20’s
  • TV or Movie-Inspired Themes (such as Harry Potter, Glee or Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
  • Clambake
  • Sports

It is best to select your theme a few months ahead of time. That way you can start booking and buying what you need without hurting the company’s party budget. Once you have decided on your theme, the fun part of organizing your party begins. Here are a few useful tips:

  • Colour Coordinate Your Party Décor - Colour helps bring out the fun and festivities of your selected theme. Select a colour palate that best represents the theme you selected, such as bright orange, pink, yellow and white for a luau theme. Make sure your event lighting is in sync with your chosen colours.
  • Name the Party - Instead of just calling your party by the theme type; consider giving it a fun and catchy name. This will tell attendees what they can expect to find at the party and get them excited to attend it. For instance, instead of "Caribbean Party", why not call it something like "Junkanoo Night" or "Calypso Boogie"?
  • Plan Activities - Depending on your theme, you can organize activities that will keep guests entertained and match the overall theme. For example, a luau could have a hula hoop competition or a western could have a mechanical bull riding activity.
  • Theme Your Food and Drinks Too - What you serve needs to reflect your theme. Look up recipes and food ideas based on the theme and discuss the ideal menu with your catering service.

Party Entertainment Will Make or Break Your Theme

Just like everything else you have carefully selected, the entertainment will determine plenty for your theme. Consider renting party props to help bring your party to life, and opt for unique event lighting. Also, do not forget to hire a DJ. The DJ service can customize their music list to match your theme, such as Hawaiian or island tunes for a luau party or country music for a western theme.If you are planning to throw a themed party, can help you with the arrangements. Call us at 905-853-8705 to book an appointment or Please fill out our form and we will get back to you with a competitive quote for party entertainment services.