How to Plan a Jack and Jill Party During the Holidays

Jack and Jill parties have become increasingly popular over the past few years as more couples embrace the idea of pre-wedding festivities celebrated together instead of apart. It is the ideal celebration since couples often share the same friends and this event allows everyone to have a casual, fun social gathering. If you are planning a Jack and Jill party right around the busy holiday season, you have your work cut out for you. By starting your planning early enough, you will be able to pull off that combined party and make it a night to remember.

Critical Steps for Planning Your Jack and Jill Party

Follow these tips for your Jack and Jill party. Whether you are a bridesmaid, friend or the couple, these steps will help make your planning around the holiday season a little easier.

  • Consider the Date Carefully - Obviously the party must be before the big wedding day, but during the season you are also likely to be competing with other holidays. Try not to book the party too close to a holiday when guests may be out of town, but keep it within at least one to three weeks of the actual wedding.
  • Find a Location - Jack and Jill parties need a location that is friendly for all. Consider a local club or restaurant the couple enjoys or even a mutual friend’s home.
  • Be Creative - Consider hiring professional disc jockey services from We offer Jack and Jill packages that include music, entertainment and even party props for added fun. Pick a venue and book our party package. From a scavenger hunt to a friendly football tournament to a pool party, there are so many ideas to make it a fun night.
  • Let Guests Know What they are Being Invited To - Not everyone knows what a Jack and Jill event is and you do not want guests showing up surprised. If you are setting up a cash bar or expect guests to buy tickets to the event, make sure you let them know when you invite them.
  • Work within a Budget, but Don’t Go Cheap - When you are inviting guests to a pre-wedding celebration, you cannot be cheap with your food, entertainment or décor. Serve quality liquor, plan on a great menu and have good decorations to make the party truly unique and memorable.

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