Hire the Right Professional Disc Jockey for Your High School Semi-Formal

Organizing the perfect high school semi-formal usually requires a committee of students and teachers. The semi-formal is a notable event for your high school, and surely your committee has discussed the issue of entertainment. While you may be tempted to go with a local band or amateur DJ, a professional DJ is the better option for an event no one will forget.

Why Hire a Professional Disc Jockey for a High School Dance?

Instead of going for the cheapest entertainment, see the value and benefits of hiring a pro:

  • The Latest Music - DJs are in the business for a reason: they appreciate all kinds of music. A professional DJ will stay on top of the latest music trends and knows the music your high school students are listening to. This ensures that your semi-formal’s playlist has the hottest new songs and hits that students actually want to hear.
  • No Mistakes - If you hire a novice DJ or even a local band, they do not have the experience for big events. Professional DJs at BobHawkins.com will ensure there are no technical difficulties or other hiccups that will affect your event. We do events like this every day.
  • Access to Event Lighting - A DJ service like BobHawkins.com also provides you with event lighting in Toronto for your high school semi-formal. This can help set the tone, change with the songs and even assist you during any crowning ceremonies.
  • Theme Assistance - You probably have a theme picked out for the formal. We have the props, music collection, fun ideas, and more to help you bring your theme to life.
  • Upgrade to a Video Dance Package - Add a whole lot more fun and excitement to the dancing with a great selection of dance videos playing on the big screen. We can even include a slideshow before the dancing begins or during dinner, at no extra charge.

High school formal season is just around the corner. To make sure you hire the best professional disc jockey, contact BobHawkins.com today.

Give the attendees of your high school semi-formal the event of a lifetime. Hire the very best DJ company in Toronto by contacting BobHawkins.com.

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