Lighting & Special Effects


At Professional Disc Jockey Service, we offer a wide array of lighting from moving heads to semi-intelligent light shows. On this page, we show a few of the items we offer our clients.

Gigbar Move

Gigbar Move
Ultimate gig lighting convenience, versatility and power are packed into GigBAR Move, a 5-in-1 lighting system that includes moving heads, derbies, washes, a laser and strobe effect pre-mounted on a single bar. That means a complete light show is available from this single system. The moving heads have separate colour and gobo wheels to enhance creative programming possibilities, plus built-in Totem Mode to keep the moving heads focused on the dance floor. Individual control of each effect ensures your show looks the way you need it to and events can be energized with dynamic effects like built-in UV LEDs to illuminate fluorescent objects and make them pop.


Martin Mac 250Martin Mac 250

Martin MAC 250+ Intelligent Lighting
The Mac 250+ combines intelligence and beauty. The Mac 250+ can be operated as a spotlight or it can be operated to display a wide range of moving and interactive designs in rhythm to the music. Pre-programmed light shows are also possible.

Martin Mac 250 Gobos

Martin MX-1 Martin MX-1

Martin MX-1 Intelligent Lighting
The MX-1, a revolutionary, intelligent lighting system with an ultra-modern design, has taken the lighting world by storm! The MX-1 offers numerous effects that include strobing, and it can display a large number of designs throughout the room in beat with the music. Pre-programmed shows are also possible when used with one of our Freekie controllers.

Martin MX-1 Logo

Martin TRex Martin T-Rex

Martin T-Rex Effect Lighting
T-Rex features a unique angled mirror fixture offering multiple colours and 19 gobo patterns. Fast and furious, the T-Rex changes colour and direction to the beat of the music.

Martin TRex Patterns

ADJ Starburst ADJ Starburst

Starburst Mirror Ball Effect
At, we carry the American DJ Starburst, which is a rotating “futuristic Mirrorball” fixture that sends out incredibly concise beams of coloured or white lighting that create a moving array of super-effective ‘stars’ when projected onto walls, ceiling and floor creates a ‘night-sky’ effect.

Chauvet Vue III Chauvet Vue III

Vue III Firework Effect Lighting
The Chauvet Vue III is a LED moonflower effect light that creates spectacular firework-like projections.

Chauvet Shocker 90 IRC BobHawkins.comChauvet Shocker 90 IRC
Chauvet Shocker 90 IRC LED Strobe/Blinder
The Shocker 90 IRC is lightweight and little and packs a brilliant, blinding white punch. It is a blinder that strobes and has 4 zones of control for a range of effects and patterns.

ADJ Vertigo HEXADJ Vertigo HEX

ADJ Aggressor HEX LED ADJ Aggressor HEX

Semi Intelligent Lighting
We offer a wide array of semi intelligent lighting effects including the American DJ Vertigo Hex & Aggressor LED fixtures:

ADJ MegaGoPar 64 RGBA ADJ MegaGo Par 64 Chauvet Slimbeam Quad IRC Chauvet SlimBeam IRC

At we are offer 3 levels of custom up-lighting package which enhances the atmosphere in any room. Up-lighting allows you to wash walls, columns, and ceilings in a beautiful array of colours in an elegant and eye-pleasing way. With the LED fixtures we use will not have any problem matching your decor and theme. Through our combination of battery-powered MegaGo Par 64 and our SlimBEAM Quad IRC uplighting fixtures, we are able to bring a unique design to each event space.

Chauvet LED Shadow UV Blacklight
Chauvet LED Shadow UV Blacklight

The LED Shadow is a blacklight panel wash that delivers stunning blacklight effects. Built-in auto programs allow the LEDs to flash and strobe in patterns.

LED Shadow blacklight wash panels flashed and strobed as the band Coldplay played songs from their recent release, “Mylo Xyloto.”

Special Effects Professional Disc Jockey Service offers a number of special effects for your event, such as the following:

Antari B-100 Antari B-100

Bubble Machines
Bubbles are a great item for dances. At, we only use Non-Toxic Bubble Juice. Dry Ice

Dry Ice
Dry Ice is a low-lying effect that covers the dance floor. It is an excellent enhancement of any event. Please keep in mind, however, that dry ice can only be used once during your event, and will last for approximately ten minutes. Dry Ice can be used in conjunction with Bubbles and a Mirror Ball.

Antari Z-1000-II

Fog is water-based, non-toxic product that rises into the air and creates the effect that you are walking inside a white cloud. Unlike Dry Ice, Fog can be used for the duration of your event. Antari Fazer Z300MKII-1

Haze is a much thinner and lighter version of Fog that is used to enhance our special lighting systems. Haze is quite thin and almost invisible to your guests except in the area being illuminated.