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My Passion

I grew up in Toronto in a middle-class neighbourhood where the city was painted with diversity in ethnicity, culture and art. Growing up I spent a lot of time outside playing and exploring the neighbourhood which set up the foundation for my interest in the arts. I was perpetually amazed at how objects and things, in general, all had a different look depending on the seasonal day. While other kids my age were busy playing during the summer months, I attended art summer school programs of which Photography was my favourite.

My Experience

Years have passed since my initial interest in the arts. Since those early days,  I pursued and enjoyed a different art form in a career as a Hairstylist for 11 years. In the beginning, I quickly gained a reputation of providing precision haircuts from attention to detail that I learned to see from a young age. In recent years I have renewed my interest graphics, graphics design, manufacture of decals, signage and custom printed apparel. I purchased my first Canon DSLR camera and since that time, my passion for photography emerged. From the very first day, I couldn't put it down. I developed an interest in photographing still objects, landscape, aerial and portrait photography. To hone my skills I began photographing my family and friends and with highly positive feedback received I began offering photography services. From Special Events like weddings, showers, baptisms, portraits, baby pictures, I eagerly assisted family and friends with their personal photography needs. After a while, I purchased a professional Canon Fullframe DSLR.  Since that day I started,


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Toronto, Ontario


Tel: 416-843-4224


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